A Library of Mixed-Integer and Continuous Nonlinear Programming Instances

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This page lists for every application of MINLPLib instances the associated instances.

Agriculture Alkylation Argentina utility plant Asset Management Autocorrelated Sequences
Batch processing Belgian chocolate problem Breeding Cascading Tanks Catalyst Mixing
Catalytic Cracking of Gas Oil Chain Optimization Chemical Equilibrium Coil Compression String Design Coloring
Computational geometry Constraint Satisfaction Contingency Planning Cross-dock Door Assignment Crude Oil Scheduling
Cutting Stock Cyclic multiproduct scheduling on parallel lines Cyclic Scheduling of Continuous Parallel Units Density modification based on single-crystal X-ray diffraction data Design of Just-in-Time Flowshops
Deterministic Security Constrained Unit Commitment Edge-crossing minimization in bipartite graphs Elastic-plastic torsion Electricity generation Electricity Networks
Electricity Storage Electrons on a Sphere Energy Facility Location Farming
Feed Mix Feed Plate Location feed plate location Financial Optimization Flow in a Channel
four membrane pipe modules in feed-and-bleed coupling Frequency Assignment Gas Trade Gas Transmission Gas Transmission Network Design
Gear Train Design General Equilibrium Geometry Graph Partitioning Hang Glider
Hanging Chain Heat Exchanger Network Heat Integrated Distillation Sequences Hybrid Dynamic Systems Hydro Energy System Scheduling
Hydrodealkylation of Toluene Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing Design Isometrization Job Scheduling Journal Bearing
Kissing Number Problem Launch Vehicle Design Layout Linear Algebra Linear Phase Lowpass Filter Design
Linear Quadratic Control Location Item Planning Marine Population Dynamics Market Equilibrium Matrix Eigenvalues
Max Cut Metabolic Networks Methanol to Hydrocarbons Minimal Surface Minimizing Total Average Cycle Stock
Molecular Design Multi-commodity capacity facility location-allocation Multi-Product Batch Plant Design Multiperiod Blend Scheduling Multiproduct CSTR
Natural Gas Production Network Design Nuclear Reactor Core Reload Pattern Optimal Control Optimal vehicle allocation for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions
Parameter estimation in quantitative IR spectroscopy Particle Steering Periodic Scheduling of Continuous Multiproduct Plants Pipeline design Pooling problem
Pooling Problem Portfolio Optimization power plant operation Process Flowsheets Process Networks
Process selection Product Portfolio Optimization Product positioning in a multiattribute space Production pseudo components properties
Pump configuration problem Quantum Mechanics Radiation therapy Rail Line Optimization Retrofit Planning
Robotics Rockets Sensor Placement Separation Sequences Based on Distillation Service System Design
Shape Optimization Shortest Path Simultaneous Optimization for HEN Synthesis Social Accounting Matrix Balancing Spacecraft Landing
Spatial Competition Sports Tournament Statistics Stratified Sample Design Structural Optimization
Supply Chain Design with Stochastic Inventory Management Synthesis of General Distillation Sequences Synthesis of processing system Synthesis of Space Truss Tank Size Design
Telecommunication Test Problem Topology Optimization Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods Trim loss minimization problem
Unit Commitment Waste paper treatment Waste Water Treatment Water Network Contamination Water Network Design
Water Network Operation Water Resource Management Weapons Assignment Winding Factor of Electrical Machines

Agriculture: Alkylation: Argentina utility plant: Asset Management: Autocorrelated Sequences: Batch processing: Belgian chocolate problem: Breeding: Cascading Tanks: Catalyst Mixing: Catalytic Cracking of Gas Oil: Chain Optimization: Chemical Equilibrium: Coil Compression String Design: Coloring: Computational geometry: Constraint Satisfaction: Contingency Planning: Cross-dock Door Assignment: Crude Oil Scheduling: Cutting Stock: Cyclic multiproduct scheduling on parallel lines: Cyclic Scheduling of Continuous Parallel Units: Density modification based on single-crystal X-ray diffraction data: Design of Just-in-Time Flowshops: Deterministic Security Constrained Unit Commitment: Edge-crossing minimization in bipartite graphs: Elastic-plastic torsion: Electricity generation: Electricity Networks: Electricity Storage: Electrons on a Sphere: Energy: Facility Location: Farming: Feed Mix: Feed Plate Location: feed plate location: Financial Optimization: Flow in a Channel: four membrane pipe modules in feed-and-bleed coupling: Frequency Assignment: Gas Trade: Gas Transmission: Gas Transmission Network Design: Gear Train Design: General Equilibrium: Geometry: Graph Partitioning: Hang Glider: Hanging Chain: Heat Exchanger Network: Heat Integrated Distillation Sequences: Hybrid Dynamic Systems: Hydro Energy System Scheduling: Hydrodealkylation of Toluene: Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing Design: Isometrization: Job Scheduling: Journal Bearing: Kissing Number Problem: Launch Vehicle Design: Layout: Linear Algebra: Linear Phase Lowpass Filter Design: Linear Quadratic Control: Location Item Planning: Marine Population Dynamics: Market Equilibrium: Matrix Eigenvalues: Max Cut: Metabolic Networks: Methanol to Hydrocarbons: Minimal Surface: Minimizing Total Average Cycle Stock: Molecular Design: Multi-commodity capacity facility location-allocation: Multi-Product Batch Plant Design: Multiperiod Blend Scheduling: Multiproduct CSTR: Natural Gas Production: Network Design: Nuclear Reactor Core Reload Pattern: Optimal Control: Optimal vehicle allocation for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions: Parameter estimation in quantitative IR spectroscopy: Particle Steering: Periodic Scheduling of Continuous Multiproduct Plants: Pipeline design: Pooling problem: Pooling Problem: Portfolio Optimization: power plant operation: Process Flowsheets: Process Networks: Process selection: Product Portfolio Optimization: Product positioning in a multiattribute space: Production: pseudo components properties: Pump configuration problem: Quantum Mechanics: Radiation therapy: Rail Line Optimization: Retrofit Planning: Robotics: Rockets: Sensor Placement: Separation Sequences Based on Distillation: Service System Design: Shape Optimization: Shortest Path: Simultaneous Optimization for HEN Synthesis: Social Accounting Matrix Balancing: Spacecraft Landing: Spatial Competition: Sports Tournament: Statistics: Stratified Sample Design: Structural Optimization: Supply Chain Design with Stochastic Inventory Management: Synthesis of General Distillation Sequences: Synthesis of processing system: Synthesis of Space Truss: Tank Size Design: Telecommunication: Test Problem: Topology Optimization: Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods: Trim loss minimization problem: Unit Commitment: Waste paper treatment: Waste Water Treatment: Water Network Contamination: Water Network Design: Water Network Operation: Water Resource Management: Weapons Assignment: Winding Factor of Electrical Machines:
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