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This page illustrates some statistics about the MINLPLib.



probtype nonlintype discrtype operands

nvars ncons

Scatter plots: Area of bubble corresponds to instance (nonlinear) density.

Density in left scatter plot is (#nonzeros in objective and jacobian) / (#vars * (#cons + 1)).
Density in right scatter plot is (#nonlinear nonzeros in objective and jacobian) / (#nonlinear vars * (#nonlinear cons + 1 if objective is nonlinear)).
Densities below 0.05 are shown as 0.05.

sizescatter sizenlscatter


Trusted gap is gap between primal bound and a dual bound that has been confirmed by at least 2 other solvers.


Scatter plots: Area of bubble corresponds to trusted gap (projected onto [0.01,1.0]).
sizescattergap sizenlscattergap


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